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Alegrias (Single movement work arr. for chamber orchestra)

Premiere: April 7, 2019: Cleveland Chamber Symphony: Steven C. Smith, conducting, with Verb Ballets. Maltz Performing Arts Center, Cleveland


The Higgler (Chamber Opera in Two Acts)          

[libretto by Margi Griebling-Haigh, based on the short story by A(lfred) E(dgar) Coppard]

Roles: Harvey Witlow, high lyric baritone; Sophie Daws, soprano; Mrs. Witlow, mezzo-soprano; Mrs. Sadgrove, mezzo-soprano; Mary Sadgrove, soprano; 2 character actors, 2 children, narrator

Scoring: piccolo, flute, oboe, English horn, clarinet, bassoon, 2 horns, harp, percussion, piano, strings

Act I, Scene 4 premiered January, 2017 in short score with Rebecca Freshwater, soprano and Benjamin Czarnota, baritone; Cleveland Opera Theater N.O.W. (New Opera Works) Festival; Baldwin Wallace University, Berea, Ohio.

Act II, Scenes 2, 4, & 6 premiered January, 2018 in piano reduction with Rachel Copeland Skiba, soprano and Brian Keith Johnson, baritone; Cleveland Opera Theater N.O.W. (New Opera Works) Festival; Maltz Peforming Arts Center, Cleveland, Ohio.


Sinfonia Concertante (Concerto for 2 solo oboes, 1 solo bassoon, & string orchestra)

Premiere: July 2011: Kent/Blossom Music Festival: Sasha Makkila conducting; Frank Rosenwein & Danna Sundet, oboists; Barrick Stees, bassoon; members of the Cleveland Orchestra. Commissioned in honor of John Mack by David Larky.


Divertissement Anniversaire (Overture for string orchestra)

Premiere: May 12, 2002: Hendrix College, Conway, Arkansas: Karen Griebling conducting the Hendrix College Orchestra. Commissioned in honor of the 125th Anniversary of the College.


Noms et Chiffres (I) (For full orchestra)

Amateur premiere by the Cleveland Heights Chamber Orchestra with Eric Berken conducting: May 10, 1998.

Noms et Chiffres (II) (For full orchestra)

Featured piece for museum display Jotting Down: A Contemporary Woman's Journal at the Sandusky Cultural Center in April and May of 1998.


Le Cauchemar de Frère Jacques (Symphonic Variation for full orchestra)

Composed for a Young People's Concert at the Pierre Monteux Memorial School with Sara Jobin conducting: July 1995.


Accolades (Symphonic Overture)

Commissioned for the 40th Anniversary of the Akron (Ohio) Youth Symphony and premiered February 5, 1995 with Eric Benjamin conducting.


Homages (Symphony #1 in three movements for full orchestra)

Commissioned by the Schenectady Symphony Orchestra; premiered November 19, 1989 with Charles Schneider conducting.

B.A. Nilsson, Schenectady Gazette
Schenectady Symphony Orchestra, Sunday, November 19, 1989

"Discovering a work like this one is what makes concertgoing exciting. Griebling-Haigh has an outstanding ear for orchestral effect. [She] can provide us with scores of compelling melody and texture in an up-to-date voice that nevertheless makes good use of the large 19th-century orchestra. The composer also understands the need for wit and doesnÁt let her music bog down in dull solemnity."


Trees (Symphonic Suite for full orchestra)


Atalanta (Tone Poem for full orchestra)

First Prize, National Federation of Music Clubs Orchestral Composition Contest; premiered in August of 1978 by the Lancaster (Pa.) Symphony with Louis Vyner conducting, and in October of 1979 by the same forces. Also performed four times by Akron Symphony in November of 1997 with Eric Benjamin conducting.

Sam Taylor, Lancaster New Era
Lancaster Symphony Orchestra, August 6, 1978

"The piece is truly modern and contemporary in concept but avoids the clinical and the sterile so often found in such work. As a result, its careful construction, precise rhythm and carefully joined dynamics give it space and breadth in a structure which carries a sophisticated musical line."