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(Unless otherwise notes, all works are composed by Margaret Griebling-Haigh)
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Counting-out Rhyme
for soprano and piano
for S A Chorus and piano
by Gabrielle Haigh
Single Copy
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Kipling Songs
for soprano, violin, cello, and piano
Score and Parts
The Pessimist
for S A Chorus and piano
Single Copy
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Songs for Young Lovers
for soprano or baritone and piano (please specify)
Sonnets xl, xv, and xlii
for soprano and piano 
Voices from the Other Side
for soprano and 8 celli 
Score and Parts 



The Higgler (Chamber Opera in Two Acts)          

[libretto by Margi Griebling-Haigh, based on the short story by A(lfred) E(dgar) Coppard]

Roles: Harvey Witlow, high lyric baritone; Sophie Daws, soprano; Mrs. Witlow, mezzo-soprano; Mrs. Sadgrove, mezzo-soprano; Mary Sadgrove, soprano; 2 character actors, 2 children, narrator

Scoring: piccolo, flute, oboe, English horn, clarinet, bassoon, 2 horns, harp, percussion, piano, strings

Act I, Scene 4 premiered January, 2017 in short score with Rebecca Freshwater, soprano and Benjamin Czarnota, baritone; Cleveland Opera Theater N.O.W. (New Opera Works) Festival; Baldwin Wallace University, Berea, Ohio.

Act II, Scenes 2, 4, & 6 premiered January, 2018 in piano reduction with Rachel Copeland Skiba, soprano and Brian Keith Johnson, baritone; Cleveland Opera Theater N.O.W. (New Opera Works) Festival; Maltz Peforming Arts Center, Cleveland, Ohio.


The White Trout (Narrator, Soprano, Piccolo, Harp, Double Bass, Piano)          

[Traditional Irish Folk Tale as told by Samuel Lover and collected by William Butler Yeats]

Commissioned by Peter Gallagher for premiere performance at the 2013 convention of the International Society of Bassists, June 8, 2013 at Eastman School of Music. First performance given by Ty Emerson, Barbara Choltco, Kyra Kester, Trina Struble, Scott Haigh, & Randall Fusco. Second performance given July 23, 2013 at St. Paul's Espicopal Church in Cleveland Heights by David Gooding, Gabrielle Haigh, Kyra Kester, Trina Struble, Scott Haigh, and Randall Fusco.


Sonnets of Resignation  (Soprano & Piano) Dedicated to Gabrielle Haigh.  [lyrics: Millay: Sonnets 5, 37, & 27]

Premiered January 27 & February 4 by Gabrielle Haigh, soprano, and Peter Harrison, piano, at Clare College, Cambridge University, Cambridge, U.K.

Second performance July 23, 2013 by Gabrielle Haigh, soprano, and Randall Fusco, piano, at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Cleveland Heights, Ohio.


Songs for Young Lovers (Soprano, Oboe, and Piano)                                                         [lyrics: Millay: Armenonville; The Princess Recalls Her One Adventure; Huntsman, What Quarry?]

Premiered in May, 2008 by Sandra Simon, soprano; Danna Sundet, oboe; and Randall Fusco, piano, on a concert given by the chamber group Panoramicos. Published by Jeanne, Inc.

The Earth Abideth Forever  (SATB Chorus, Flute Obbligato, Piano)

Commissioned by Eric Charnofsky for the Epworth Euclid United Methodist Church Choir and premiered there on May 12, 2007.


A Little Choral Tribute (Soprano and Alto Chorus and Piano)
[lyrics: Margi Griebling-Haigh]
Commissioned by The Cleveland Orchestra Children's Chorus
Premiered May 15, 2006 at the annual C.O.C.C.'s Spring Concert,
Fairmount Temple, Beachwood, Ohio

Counting-out Rhyme (Soprano and Piano)
[lyrics: Edna St. Vincent Millay]
Premiered May 1, 2004 at the annual Cleveland Composers Guild Junior Concert Commissioned by the Kulas Foundation.
Songs for Young Lovers (arranged for soprano, oboe, and piano)                                             [lyrics by Edna St. Vincent Millay: Armenonville, The Princess Recalls her One Adventure, and Huntsman, What Quarry?]

Premiered May, 2007, by Sandra Simon, soprano; Danna Sundet, oboe; and Randall Fusco, piano on a panoramicos concert.  Published by Jeanne, Inc.


Kipling Songs (Soprano, Violin, Cello, Piano)
[lyrics: Rudyard Kipling: Commissariat Camels, The Seal's Lullaby, & Road-song of the Bandar-log]

Premiered March 9, 2004 by Marla Berg, soprano, Susan Britton, violin, Kent Collier, cello, and Eric Charnofsky, piano. Outer movements commissioned by the Fortnightly Musical Club.


First Love (Soprano, Tenor, & Piano)
[lyrics: Christopher Schmitz] 

Premiered March 3, 2003 by Andrea Bargabos, Leodigario del Rosario, and Eric Charnofsky as part of a collaborative project between the Cleveland Composers Guild, the Poets and Writers League of Greater Cleveland, and the Rocky River Chamber Music Society.
The Pessimist (for Soprano and Alto Chorus and Piano)
[lyrics: Ben King]
Composed in 1973 but revised in 2002 for Anne Wilson and the Laurel School 5th and 6th grade choir, this fun piece has had several performances now at Laurel School in Shaker Heights.


Voices from the Other Side (Soprano & 8 Celli)
[Edna St. Vincent Millay: Some Things Are Dark, Prayer to Persephone, & The Curse] 

Premiered at the College of Wooster January 19, 2000 by the Cleveland Institute of Music Cello Ensemble with Andrea Bargabos, Soprano.

The Spring and the Fall (Soprano and Piano)
[lyrics: Millay]

Premiered April 24, 1999 at the Cleveland Music School Settlement on a Cleveland Composers Guild Concert by Heidi Dill, Soprano & Ella Karacik, piano

Night Swimming (soprano, English horn, piano)
[lyrics: Mary Grimm]

Premiered February 10, 1999 on a Cleveland Composers Guild concert; published by Jeanne, Inc.

Robert J. Krause, The Double Reed: Vol. 29, No.1
"Night Swimming is wonderfully descriptive music that is well written for all of the instruments. It is a needed addition to the repertoire for English horn and voice, and I highly recommend it for personal performance and teaching."
Donald Rosenberg, the Cleveland Plain Dealer
Stan Hywet Hall Concert, February 6, 2004

"One hears a composer painting brilliant sonic images. Night Swimming is a rapturous setting of a poem by Mary Grimm."


Sonnets x and xxvi (Baritone and Piano)
[lyrics: Millay]

Premiered in June 1996 at the Cleveland Music School Settlement by Andrew White, baritone; and Nancy Brittain, piano.


Sorrow (Soprano and Piano)
[lyrics: Millay]


Sonnets xl, xv, and xlii  (Soprano and Piano)
[lyrics: Millay]

Premiered in November 1990 by Joanne Couch, soprano and Laura Silverman, piano. Also performed on Cleveland Composers Guild concerts in Febraury 1992 (Coeli Ingold and Audrey Andrist) and October 1997 (Eileen Moore and Judith Ryder).

1980 - 1983

Songs for Young Lovers (Soprano or Baritone and Piano)
[lyrics: Millay: Armenonville; The Princess Recalls Her One Adventure; Songs for Young Lovers in a City; There at Dusk I Found You; Huntsman, What Quarry?]

Performances of various songs have been at the Eastman School of Music (1982 and 1983) and on Cleveland Composers Guild concerts in October 1995 and October 1997. A set of four of the songs won First Prize in the Music Teachers National Association Collegiate Division in 1982.


The Fitter (Soprano and Piano)
[lyrics: Millay]


Ebb and Eel Grass (Soprano and Piano)
[lyrics: Millay]


Daphne and Oberon (Soprano and Piano)
[lyrics: Millay]