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PanorámicosPanorámicosPanorámicos (2004)

Panorámicos: Panorámicos (Independent) [2009]


“…immediately appealing and vibrant. Griebling-Haigh basks in zesty rhythmic shapes and exotic harmonic language, with a leaning toward Spanish and French accents. Hebert Variations throws out stereotypes of this high-flying instrument in music of piccolo and piano, in which languid and suave ideas are beautifully balanced. The performances and sound are first-rate.” Grade: A

“The Latin flavor and programmatic nature make [Bocadillos Panorámicos] easily accessible and should endear it to both violists and audiences alike. But this is no lightweight work. Full of musical challenges for both instrumentalists, Griebling-Haigh manages to create beautiful textures and melodic lines that sound fresh and personal while evoking the natural beauty of the Southwest. Bocadillos Panorámicos is an excellent example of a substantial new work that should leave audiences satisfied, engaged, and eager to hear more. Lynne Ramsey, assistant principal violist of the Cleveland Orchestra, performs with a great deal of style. Her rich, large, unforced sound is well balanced by the bright, clear articulation of pianist Kathryn Brown. The quality of Griebling-Haigh’s work and Ramsey’s performance alone make this a CD of value; the other chamber works on the CD are an added bonus.”

“We listened to your CD which was wonderful! Congratulations! I thought your pieces were the highlight of the CD.”

“The musical microcosm of northeast Ohio is celebrated by this remarkable recording… Three of the pieces are by the gifted composer, Margaret Griebling-Haigh. …La Bergère des Brises de Vallée conjures images of a French hillside. The melodies are lovely (some of the oboe material brings to mind Britten’s Six Metamorphoses) as is the interaction among flutist Mary Kay Ferguson, oboist Danna Sundet, and pianist Randall Fusco.

“[Bocadillos Panorámicos] Aguacero depicts torrential rain with frantic passages that are followed by sudden calm. El Bosque de Jemez makes mesmerizing use of a haunting texture… Some mournful melodies are played with passion by violist Lynne Ramsey. A rollicking La Perrita Fanimál is about a little dog who cavorts madly and then falls asleep. Twisty Vista Tango is a quirky, colorful end to this terrific piece.”

"The chamber ensemble of wizardly Cleveland musicians reflects the disc's giddy title in a program of infectious, colorful works. Poetic urgency and insouciance abound in the two scores by Margi Griebling-Haigh." Grade: A